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Members of Black River Electric Cooperative now enjoy powerful new choices for managing their accounts.  BREC’s new suite of member service software, which has been named Smarthub, offers new and improved account management through our existing website, as well as a mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  In addition to viewing and paying your bill using these products, members can receive text alerts when new bills are available, when their payment is posted, and when other events occur affecting their accounts.  “The ability to pay your bill 24/7 is something we’ve offered for several years, but the convenience of the mobile application is new and very exciting,” said Lindy LaChance, Chief Financial Officer of BREC. 


Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new system is the ability to view and understand your electricity usage in greater detail than ever before.  The new state-of-the-art Meter Data Management System within Smarthub allows members to view kilowatt hour usage on a monthly, daily, and even hourly basis.   “By reviewing how you use electricity each day, BREC members will be empowered to understand, manage and ultimately reduce their usage.  This will help save our members money,” said LaChance.  The system also overlays temperature data on the usage graphs allowing members to understand the effect of weather on their bills.  “By reviewing usage and temperature together, it becomes apparent that weather is the biggest driver of most household utility bills,” added LaChance.  

Smarthub is available on the web by visiting our website at and clicking on the link for viewing and paying your bill.  The mobile apps are available by searching for Smarthub in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.  LaChance believes the cooperative membership will be pleased with the new offerings.  "We continue to do all we can to make interaction with BREC as fast and convenient as possible."





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