Welcome to the all new www.brec.coop!  We hope you find the new version of the web site to be fast and easy to navigate.

The four most commonly-used features of our existing web site-Bill Viewing and Payment, Weather, Rebate Information, and Missouri One Call are available prominently across the bottom of the new site.  Other content that is of interest can be accessed either from the scrolling banner or from the menus located just above the banner.

In addition to a new fully-functional site, BREC also recognizes that much of the traffic to our site comes from mobile devices.  "Studies show that as much as 60% of traffic to Cooperative websites comes from users of iPhones, Androids, or other mobile devices," said Lindy LaChance, Chief Financial Officer of BREC.  To better accommodate mobile users, anyone accessing the web site from their mobile device will be redirected to a mobile-only site, with only the most critical information displayed in a much faster, less graphics-intensive format.  On the mobile site, you can find updates during MAJOR outages, our telephone numbers (which can be called with just a touch rather than dialing all numbers), and the four most often used functions at the bottom of the main page-Bill Viewing and Payment, Weather, Rebate Information, and Missouri One Call.  We believe this will provide our members with even faster access 24/7 to conduct important business with BREC.

We welcome your comments on the all-new
www.brec.coop.  You may call us at 573-783-3381 or use our online comment form.

Thank you for visiting the all new

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