Safety Comes First!  



Electricity is such an important part of our lives that we tend to take it for granted, but electricity should always be treated with caution and respect. Black River Electric Cooperative reminds members that prior to any job, whether indoors or outdoors, to stop and remember: safety first. If you see any possibility of contact between you and electricity, stop immediately and make alternate plans. You should never take a chance when you deal with the power of electricity. We are pleased to offer electrical safety facts on this page and if you have any questions, please contact Black River Electric Cooperative.

Indoor Safety

  • Put safety caps in unused wall outlets. Children are naturally inquisitive and outlets present a temptation for little fingers.
  • Repair or replace damaged or brittle electrical cords. They can cause a short, shock or an electrical fire.
  • Use electrical cords properly. Remove a cord by pulling on the plug, not the cord itself. Never twist, bind or walk on a cord.
  • Keep electric appliances away from water. Make sure you and the appliance are dry and keep the appliance away from water when in use.
  • Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. GFCIs prevent electric shock by interrupting the electrical supply to the outlet when a ground fault occurs.
  • Be aware of electrical problems. Flickering lights may indicate a wiring problem that needs immediate repair or replacement.
  • Cover all electrical outlets and wall switches with cover plates. Covers prevent any contact between you and inside wiring.
  • Use the correct size (wattage) bulb in all lighting fixtures. Check to make sure bulbs are screwed in securely as loose bulbs can overheat.
  • Use space heaters properly. Never use a space heater near bedding, drapes, furniture or rugs and always unplug it when not in use.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach. Use a "C" class fire extinguisher which is safe to use on electrical fires. If one is not available, baking soda will extinguish an electrical fire.

Outdoor Safety

  • Never go near or touch a power line. Always assume a power line is "live" and keep people and pets away from the line.
  • Fly kites, balloons and model airplanes away from power lines. If one gets caught in the lines, leave it alone. Do not try to remove it.
  • Never climb trees, poles or steel towers that are contacting or are near power lines. Such close contact to power lines can be deadly.
  • Don't use indoor lights for outdoor purposes. Make sure the bulbs, wiring and extension cords are designed specifically for outdoor use.
  • Keep all electrical appliances and toys away from water, including lawn sprinklers, swimming pools, hoses, rain, etc.
  • When using a ladder, pool skimmer, water pipes or any tall object--look up! Be aware of power lines overhead that could come in contact with it.
  • Keep electric radios, appliances and wiring for outdoor lighting away from swimming pools. Never touch an electric device when in a pool.
  • Never repair a break in an outdoor extension cord. If the cord is damaged, throw it away and purchase a new cord.
  • Before you dig in your yard, contact your cooperative and any other utility companies. There may be underground wires buried in your yard.
  • If you are planting a new tree, never plant it under or near power lines. Trees will grow up and limbs may interfere with the lines and interrupt service.
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