Right of Way Management

Why does BREC actively manage its rights-of-way?

BREC has an active right-of-way management program.  The goal of the program is to cut and/or trim the areas around distribution lines on a six-year rotation.  Why so aggressive?  The number one reason for outages, whether during snow and ice or some of our fierce Missouri thunderstorms, is trees coming in contact with or destroying power lines.  BREC members have been able to avoid some of the extended outages that customers of other utilities have had to endure simply because we proactively manage our rights-of-way.

What are the most important elements of the program?

  • New Right-of-Way cuts for construction of lines will be cut at R1-40 specifications. R1-40 specification requires a 40-foot minimum from ground to tree-top.
  • Trees that require cutting will be cut as low as applicable (generally less than 3 inches).
  • Underbrush and tree-tops will be stacked to either side of the 40-foot corridor.
  • Logs will be moved to either side of the Right-of-Way allowing access to construction crews. Logs are generally cut in mill length of 8' 6", 10' 6", etc.
  • Trees on the borderline of the 40-foot corridor will be removed if by reason of excessive side-trimming the tree may predictably decay.

BREC treasures the natural beauty of our service territory just like you do.  We know you also treasure the electricity that helps us enjoy our homes and properties.  Simply put, the right-of-way management program helps us keep the lights on-and we can all agree on that.

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